If your AVR microcontroller is hooked to the parallel port of your PC with the ISP programming cabel, then you can use the program IC-PROG to load your source code into your microcontroller. If you have made your program code in assembler or in BASCOM the compiler generates a hexfile. This .hex file you have to load in the microcontroller to let it work. You can download ICPROG from this website:
www.ic-prog.com .
You have to set the program to Funcard programmer. Click on F3 and you wil get the menu to set the hardware you use. Here you can also set the parallel port you use.

IC Prog 1 

If you use WNT or W2K or WXP you wil have to install the IC-PROG NT-driver that you can download from the same website. Put the driver file in the same folder as the IC-PROG program. Click on Settings>Options>Misc. Check the box Enable NT/2000/XP driver. Click OK.

 IC Prog 2

Now the program asks you to restart IC-PROG. Click Yes and then it asks you if you want to install the IC-PROG driver. Click Yes again.


The next step is to tell ICPROG which AVR device you want to program. Click on Settings>Device>SPI ┬ÁC and select the device that you want to program.Now you can see in the status bar which programmer and which AVR device is selected.

 IC Prog 3

The next step is to get the .hex file you want to load in your microcontroller. Click on File > Open set the file type to .hex and select your .hex file and click Open.

 IC Prog 4

Now you can load the .hex file into the AVR device. Click in the tool bar on the icon Program All.

 IC Prog 5

Now the .hex file will be loaded into the AVR device.

 IC Prog 8

After programming you wil have to remove the programming cable because IC-Prog wil not set the reset pin to high. After removing the cable the microcontroller will run the program.